1/10 Bobcat Skid Loader T-190 Remote Control

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1/10th Scale Bobcat T-190 Track Loader Radio Controlled

Age Grade 8+

* Comes with rechargeable battery pack
* Contains radio crystals limiting interference from outside electrical sources
* Track turns and works like a real Skid Steer Loader
* Bucket arms raise and lower
* Controls to dump the bucket and return it to dig
* Functional front and rear lights

* Complete 360 degree turning radius
* Forward and reverse operation
* Operational up to 40 feet

The Bobcat T190 R/C is available in two frequencies to allow two R/C units to be run together.

Note: For best results, operate the R/C Bobcat loader on clean, flat surface. Operating the loader in sand, dirt or water may cause damage to circuitry
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