1/16 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup with Trailer & Race Car

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1/16th scale Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon with Race Car

Age Grade 3+
German Engineered High impact plastic
Designed to unsnap rather than break
This toy will last your child for years

Truck Features
- All four doors open
- Bruder figures fit inside
- Tail gate opens
- Spring suspension on front and rear axle
- Front axle is steerable and can be steered using the additional steering column that fits through the roof hatch. Stows under truck body when not in use
- Removable rear hitch
- Snow plow (BDR02581) will mount on front
- Lights and siren module (BDR02802) will fit on the roof

Trailer & Car features:
- Bed tilts down to load and unload the car
- Trailer has winch and wheel chocks
- Driver with helmet
- Removable wheels
- Car has steerable front axle
- Removable towbar

Driver with life jacket

Pickup is about 15.8 inches long x 6.7 inches wide x 5.9 inches tall

To many, holidays at the seaside are still a synonym for relaxation. Sun, sea and sandy beaches are a guarantee for a nice holiday.
Water craft are a common feature on many beaches. They are hired out to holiday visitors as well as used by the coast guard.
The Dodge RAM pickup has no problem with pulling the loaded trailer to the water. Its durability and off-road capabilities are legendary and unique to this day. 
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