1/16 Dairy Barn with milking equipment cow & farmer

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Age Grade 5+

Set includes:
- milking equipment
- milk churn carriage
- 2 stalls
- wall column with two brushes
- feeding fence with trough
- drinking trough
- 2 milk churns
- cap
- Cow or bull

The BRUDER farm provides little farmers with everything they need to play. The building has a cow, a farmer and many other details so that a typical day on the farm can be recreated. The wall column with brush machine also ensures the well-being of the cows.

This barn is based on the BRUDER flexible building system, allowing it to constantly grow and be combined with other buildings. The roof parts that can be taken out individually and the flexible walls mean that you can always set it up the way you want and reach anywhere easily. It can also be put away at short notice to save space by taking the building apart.

Barn is 18.9 inches long x 14.2 inches wide x 12.3 inches tall
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