Book Farm Toy Price Guide 1/64 Scale 4th Edition

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1/64th scale Farm Toy Price Guide

Pocket size (3.5"X8")
The prices are computer averaged values from several dealers and auctioneers.

Price Guides are intended to serve as a guide in helping you value your collection for insurance, or buying and selling purposes. Most of the guides average the selling prices from the past year. Bear in mind that many circumstances may influence the value of the toy. Most important are: Condition, rarity, and popularity. We believe that the buyer should be most attentive of condition. A toy of fair or good condition may have only a fraction of the value of one that is new in the box. When buying expect to pay prices that are comparable to the condition of the toy listed in the guides. When selling to a dealer, expect to get lower that the listed prices. When selling to an fellow collector, you should expect to get a price comparable to the listed prices.

Printed November 2022