Consignment Information

Currently Bossen Implement is not accepting any new consignments. Contact Kate if your are interested in selling your collection.

Buying and selling at Bossen Implement, Inc. keeps getting easier. Now, in addition to the thousands of products available from the Bossen Implement, Inc. store, you can buy and sell used and collectible items directly from the product pages on our website. Buyers and sellers can now buy and sell new, used and collectible toys and books on the same pages as Bossen Implement. There is no better place to sell your collectible toys online.

Why sell with Bossen Implement, Inc.

What are some of the advantages with selling your toys through Bossen Implement? First of all we make selling simple and effective with one of the best placements in the search engines on the web for farm toys. With the traffic that we have visiting our site each month, your toys have a very good chance of selling. How simple is it? We will list your toy(s) for you. We handle all calls and questions from prospective buyers prior to the sale unlike many auctions sites. We will contact you only if we are unable to answer a question on your behalf. Bossen Implement will handle the photographing of your toys, so you will not need to take photos. Finally, we make it more profitable to sell your toys with us. Selling to a dealer means you will likely only get 50% or less of the market value of the toys you want to sell. Our fees are simply 35%, which is often less than the auction sites when you consider all the additional charges you may face to get the level of service we offer and the cost of re-listing when your item does not sell immediately. You can forget additional fees and re-listing fees with our minimum one year long listings.

Appraisal Service

To help assure that you get the best price for your toys, Bossen Implement even offers an appraisal service for helping you get reasonable and fair prices. You will no longer need to wonder, "did I ask enough for the toy or get what my toy is really worth?" If you want more information on our appraisal service see our Appraisal Policy page.

With Bossen Implement, Inc., you can sell to the best collection of buyers on the Internet--and make it easy. Our buyers not only buy online, but through our brick and mortar store as well. During business hours our staff is always available by phone to answer questions about our farm toy products. Best of all, your toys are on the shelf right next to ours. We've made it easy to buy and sell your fine collectibles. We will even expand your selling range through our international customer base.

For the complete Terms of consigning your items with Bossen Implement, Inc., view our Consignment Terms PDF. (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Click on the link to download it free from

To sign up to consign with Bossen Implement, go to our Sell Your Toys page for the required forms.